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Movement by Ferries

As international tourists discover the magnificent destination of Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Coastal fast ferries are moving with the times to provide them with swift and confortable ferry services .
The Tanzanian companies are pursuing a vigorous policy of modernizing and maintaining its fleet in line with fast moving development in the World of water transport .

From Dar-es-salaam Seaport to Zanzibar.
These are the boat companies that operate services from Dar-es-salaam seaport to Zanzibar. The slower boats are much cheaper but as you can see and the journey is considerably longer. FERRY SCHEDULE Dar to Zanzibar and vice versa. Ferries (Daily departures from Dar es Salaam) Time

From Dar Es Salaam to Zanzibar
Flying Horse, Seagull and Aziza 12H00
Sea Bus 14H00
Sea Bus 16H00
Sea Express 07H30
Sea Star 10H30
Mega Speed 07H30
Mega Speed departs 0930 HRS on Sundays from Dar es – Salaam

From Zanzibar to Dar Es Salaam
Flying Horse, Seagull and Aziza 22H00
Sea Bus 14H00
Sea Bus 16H00
Sea Express 07H30
Sea Star 10H30
MegaSpeed 16H00

Speed Boat sailing duration is approx 2HRS each way

Flying Horse and Aziza depart 2200HRs arrive Dar 0600HRS the following morning.

You may book ferry tickets through us.

Dar to Zanzibar costs $50 USD one way per seat x 2 for return ticket, first class $70 USD per seat one way x 2 for return.

You do not necessarily have to take the luxury option, as the seats are basically the same in both classes. Movies are offered for your entertainment in both classes whilst in the luxury class, you will be offered tea or coffee and wi- FI in AZAM MARINE Boats

Be sure to remember your passport when traveling to Zanzibar port from Dar es Salaam as the authorities will ask for it. The trip Dar es Salaam/Zanzibar should take about 2 hours whilst the trip Pemba/Zanzibar will take about 80 minutes. The ferry between Dar and Zanzibar operates daily and goes from Zanzibar to Pemba on Tuesdays to Friday.

Indoma Tours currently takes bookings and reservations enquiries as one of the appointed agent :


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