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Seaview Lodge

For about millennia dhows have sailed the Indian Ocean and extensively voyaged between Arabia and Zanzibar, helped by the monsoons. Whether the Sultans, explorers, missionaries or traders, they all depended on these vessels for travelling, in fact in 1837 the Sultan sent his dhow to England in his attempt to appeal against the mounting pressure on him to abolish slave trade. Sure, time as well as Sultans have come and gone but these beautiful wooden boats are still cruising around. A sunset cruise allows you to feel the same experience that great travellers and traders once enjoyed, come on board, let loose and just enjoy the beautiful view of Stone Town from the ocean and let our crew serenade you with Zanzibari tunes and treat you with local snacks and a few rounds of drinks.
Enjoy the beauty, romance and tranquillity of a setting sun.

PRICE INCLUDES: Mineral water during the Tour, All entrance – fees, Professional Crew on board, Security, Flying doctor service, First Aid, Entrance- Fees, Boat, Life jackets, Live band, Beers /wine and drinks, Snacks.

Stone town by night
City tour

LAND & PEOPLE (full day)spicetour
The best way to learn about a country is through meeting its people, observing its nature, eating its food and seeing its men at work!
On this full day you will get all of the above and a clearer picture of Zanzibar, yes, your hotel maybe part of Zanzibar but it is on this trip that you will see the real Zanzibar. Your day begins in the infamous village of Mchangani to have a firsthand experience of life in the rural Zanzibar and appreciate the Zanzibar pace at its best. See the ladies in their colourful Kangas as they gossip around the villages well and the men as they get ready to go to the farm or as they climb the nearby coconut tree to get a fresh drink or the tree leaves that are used for thatch roof or baskets- that’s in the interior of the Island, on coastal villages you will see men repairing their boats or fishing nets and women drying seaweed.
You will then proceed to the next village of Kidimni where the famous Zanzibar doors are masterly crafted, from the Arab door, Indian and Swahili door that are all made here. This day is designed to show you the beauty of the archipelago. You will also visit Mkokotoni to see one of the oldest port and fish market of the island, from here you will be driven through stunningly beautiful landscapes heading to the northern tip of Nungwi, this fisherman village has seen huge tourism development but still keeps its identity and is home to the biggest dhow factory in Zanzibar, here you will see dhows being made and from the neighbouring ocean you can see them setting off for the night. Just a walking distance from here you will see the giant turtles in a natural aquarium. You will then watch the sunset here if you so choose before returning to your hotel.

Bring swimming costume, towel, sun lotion and decent dresses in the village; lunch to be served in Nungwi.

Mineral water during the Tour, All entrance – fees, Professional Guide, Security, Flying doctor service, Private and A/C car, First Aid, Lunch, Village Tour with our guide.