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Destinations: RWANDA

Rwanda is one of the new tourist destinations on the African continent. The Land of the Thousand Hills is also the Land of the Thousand Hearts and offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience its magnificent culture and outstanding flora and fauna. Under a stable government that strive for reconciliation and economical Development Rwanda is today one of the most stable countries on the continent. One of the ultimate highlights of Rwanda is tracking the elusive Mountain Gorillas of the Volcano National Park in the West of the country. But one should not visit Rwanda just for the gorillas alone. Akagera National Park in the East offers some of the finest game viewing of the continent and Nyungwe National Park in the South is home to one of the largest concentrations of primates on earth, enabling visitors to view Chimpanzees and Colobus Monkies. To add to the ecological diversity of the country Rwanda also boosts 670 species of birds in its small boundaries of a country slightly bigger then Wales and smaller then Belgium. Culturally one can visit Intore Dances that were once performed for the Royal Court.
Among the attractions in Rwanda I am able to set up for you, we have different touristic sites.

Gisenyi On Kivu Lake
Ruhengeri (Musanze)
Nyungwe Forest National Park
Butare (Huye):
Butare National Museum, Intore Dancers, Kabgayi Church Museum
Akagera National Park

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