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Seaview Lodge

A trip to Kizimbani is a must, this is where all the spices are grown and one can be able to see, smell and taste different spices of Zanzibar. The most amazing part of this walk through the Garden of Eden is that you can see the spices in their most natural form, how they are grown and maybe harvested.
You learn so much in so short a time about all these spices that you can easily forget all your recipes by the time you get home. We have understood that and our tailored solution for you is to practice while everything is fresh, now!

Continue your afternoon with a home cooking lesson with Farida, right in the heart of Stone Town you are welcomed in a typical Swahili home to learn the real Zanzibari cooking, you should not expect the comfort of a chef’s kitchen but you can expect a real taste of food you will get in no 5 star restaurant anywhere in the world, and unlike in other restaurants, here everything is cooked before your eyes for you to see and learn.
The greatest moment comes when Farida and her family join you for the feast... Indeed, a day to remember when you will be home making a spicy meal or tea to warm yourself up!

Lunch to be served, we reccomend to wear walking shoes and comfortable dresses.

Cooking lesson with Farida

Get a glimpse in the life of Stone Town after all markets, shops coffee shops and bazaars have gone quiet and most streets have been partially deserted, this is a time to get fascinated by the architecture of this world heritage site in style and romance.
The traffic has eased and no unnecessary noises from the numerous scooters and bicycles, it is peace and love!
This tour is designed to show you the real Zanzibar; you will meet prominent personalities of Stone Town and get a rare chance to go beyond the beautiful doors of Zanzibar to meet a family or two. After your beautiful sundowner with a local personality, your guide takes you through the maze to go meet one of the most influential Imams of Zanzibar who has compiled the history of the 50 mosques of Stone Town and who disposes of 900- year-old copy of the holy Koran.
From here, we take you for dinner at one of the restaurants in town, which invokes the Swahili style and offers Swahili and seafood dishes, and for your desert, we will take you into a local house of Farida to meet her family and taste some Swahili coffees, tea and other delicacies.
Well, our experience could not be complete without stopping by the Forodhani Park for the night market where locals come to take fresh air, eat and meet; it is simply the place to be!

PRICE INCLUDES: Sunset, Meeting with a local personality from Stone Town, Dinner in Swahili and Arabian style at Moonsoon, Swahili dessert at Farida's Place, Visit of Night market ( Forodhani )