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Cooking Lesson with Farida

To understand a country you need to meet its people and to understand the people you need to take a glimpse into their lives. Cooking with Farida presents you with a rare opportunity to meet the real people, to learn about their culture and to see real people in their everyday activities; you will also have a lot of fun while doing it. Do not expect to be in a neatly equipped chef’s kitchen, but the uniqueness of Farida, her family and the way they do their tasty cuisine will be engraved in your mind for a long time!

Farida lives in the heart of Stone Town and occupies with a number of other families in a four story building in this world heritage site, more than five families live here with kids running in every direction- which makes it feel almost like a school but that is part of the fun of being here, after meeting the family Farida with her friends will lead you to the house court yard to get ready for the home cooking lesson. Take a seat, listen and watch the ladies draped in brilliantly colored kangas as they get into action; peeling huge plantain , grounding spices in a motor or lighting a charcoal brazier.

All the spices you have seen in your spice tour are ready for use, from nutmeg to cloves, cardamom, and pepper, ginger they all have a dish where they belong whether in Ufuta, chapatti, samaki wa kupaka, ndizi mbivu, ndizi mbichi or pilau. You will be surprised how much coconut milk actually goes into Swahili dishes; a lady is busy seated on a low stool with a special point for grating coconut.
The greatest moment of the day comes when the family joins in for the feast and enjoy the meal with you, surely a day to be remembered.

For the family it is a great opportunity to interact with you and make some money while showing their real life and being just themselves, for you it is a great chance to meet the people and learn a new skill you will use during the cold days of winter.

Cooking Lessons, A swahili dinner: Served w/ Pilau, Chapati, Kuku wa kupaka (Marinated chicken), Coconut Rice, Coconut Mchicha, Coconut Plantain, Coconut Fish, Coffe, fruits and Halwa and soft drinks